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Italy, 1984

Baleri Italia has been committed to manufacturing quality furniture expressed with a high design content. The products have a strong formal and functional quality and their technological experimentation has made Baleri Italia an innovator in materials and manufacturing techniques and product solutions. The company has collaborated with great design talents as Alessandro Mendini, Philippe Starck and Jeff Miller. In 2004, famed textile and fashion designer, Nino Cerruti joined the team of Baleri Italia. The philosophy of the company started integrating elements of communication, story-telling as well as fabric and colour research that come from many decades of fashion experience. The resulting pieces are innovative, functional and elegant but also playful and surprising, sophisticated but never burdened by an excessive intellectualism; in short they are the perfect embodiment of a certaine joie de vivre.

The design heritage of Baleri and the force and creative experience of Cerruti have joined into a truly unique and authentic company: cerruti baleri.

Valentina C (on right)

The chair by Maurizio Galante epitomizes the heart of the company’s ideology where fashion meets furniture in exquisite design.

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